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About Us


 ECO.POWER DG TEC's an expert in the domestic display field. Based on fierce competition and experience in the LCD display market, it has established itself as a total solution for displays.


  ECO.POWER DG TEC has been a leader in industrial and sunlight

 readable  LCD displays for more than 10 years, reflecting customer 

 requirements for industrial applications into products.

  ECO.POWER DG TEC specializes in the supply of LCD display products

 to. We provide an extensive range of high quality products, which

 were designed to suit a host of application requirements and budgets.

  ECO.POWRE DG TEC provides all the support and guidance you need

 to help you make the right choice for what your LCD display needs.

  ECO.POWER DG TEC products offer various display options such as

 different enclosures & customized design, touch screen.

  ECO.POWER DG TEC come armed with a wealth of technical and

 experience, enabling you to confidently work your way through the

 pros and cons of the various products available and reach the right

 decision for your business. 

  With these abundant display solutions, ECO.POWER DG TEC is total 

 solutions for display.

 CEO / Hee sun Back


#1732-17 Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea (42646) 

Tel: +82(0)70.4774.0642

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