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 world's best sunlight readable company. 



     Standard color LCDs are often unable to provide sufficient luminance for viewing under bright, outdoor environment the result is poor image quality.

    However, dong gun tec specializes in the manufacture of high brightness LED display panel.

    Ultra High brightness LCD products deliver a radically higher level of brightness, resulting unparalleled picture sharpness.  

    Our high performance products are ideal for use under any high ambient light condition, and will give you the intensity and brilliance your application requires.

Multi Display

     This LCD display provides you provides you with multiple physical displays suitable for multi-tasking environment which leads to increase your productivity.

     This excellent display solution is for all technology users who require a big picture of their work or those who work concurrently with various applications.

    View is shown as one screen or multiple screens.

    Users can direct applications to appear on each screen or maximize an application across multiple screens.

​§. 2021

​◎ Supplied 43.0 inch, 49.0 inch, 55.0 inch

     UHD sunlight readable

     LED LCD Panel to local company

​§. 2017

​◎ Supplied 32.0 inch, 49.0 inch, 55.0 inch

     Mirror display to local company  

     (exco. daegu)

​§. 2016

​◎ Supplied 32.0 inch sunlight readable

     LED LCD Panel to local company 

     (Bus stop information display device monitor)

​§. 2015

​◎ Supplied 46.0 inch, 55.0 inch, 65.0 inch

     sunlight readable LED LCD Panel to local company

​◎ Supplied 21.5 inch waterproof LED LCD monitor

     to local company

​§. 2014

​◎ Supplied 21.5 inch, 24.0 inch, 32.0 inch, 42.0 inch

     sunlight readable LED LCD Panel to local company

​◎ Development of waterproof LCD monitor 

​§. 2013

​◎ Supplied 10.4 inch, 15.0 inch, 17.0 inch, 19.0 inch

     sunlight readable LED LCD Panel to local company

​§. 2012

​◎ LCD monitor for industrial began MP

​◎ AD board for industrial began MP

​§. 2011

​◎ established ECO.POWER DG TEC CO., Ltd.

◎ Sunlight readable LED LCD began MP 


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